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Exceptional foods through holistic farming.
About Us




About Us

Est. 2015

A Cut Above the Rest

At Silver Sky Ranch our mission is to provide consumers with sustainably-sourced, rich-tasting, and nutrient-dense foods through holistic farming practices.

Founded on the principles I learned interning on a biodynamic transhumance farm in the Swiss Alps, we raise our livestock and chickens holistically, using the symbiotic realtionship between the two and following natural migration pattenrs to achieve our goals of improved water and mineral cycling, all while considering the ecosystem that the ranch is within and the micro-ecosystems that are within the ranch.


100% Grass Fed, Free Range,  Sustainably Farmed

Meet Our Animals

Our philosophy is that happy and healthy animals provide the best product. Our animals are free range, fed the best quality organic foods, and work symbiotically together to bring you sustainably-sourced and nutrient-rich foods without the large carbon footprint of traditional farming practices.

Where to Find Us